Tuesday, February 18, 2020

CHINA PROJECT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

CHINA PROJECT - Essay Example elatively well and this prompts the rating of this sector as zero which implies that the performance in the financial markets of China are at their optimum or rather best levels (Frankel &Wei, 2007).The fact that China is a great nation anything that occurs on its state of financial market affects the entire globe since it acts as one of the major shareholders of investments. This kind of statistics indicates that China is placing a favorable environment for global financial market. The aspect of value chain has been extensively and intensively moved into classy commodities and services and this comes after the nation has fully dominated and controlled the least cost manufacturing firm. Even though the expansion in China in the service industry as one of the best economies internationally (Frankel &Wei, 2007).The state of China has not abandoned the manufacturing sector it has instead struggled in the transformation of the sector into greater levels through the creation and enhancement of the chains and the attributed value. The increased value chain has facilitated the state of China to move forward in terms of economic growth and development. Some of the features associated with this kind of trend involve the global value chains which China has developed and expanded intensively. In this kind of rating the aspect of is given zero since it makes the manufacturing sector of China the greatest contributor of the Gross Domestic Product and the contribution is approximately 50 percent (Frankel &Wei,

Monday, February 3, 2020

Communication in Conflict Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Communication in Conflict - Case Study Example Such conflicts make the employees enter into trouble with the management or higher officials. They may go on strikes or do other sorts of protests. Major conflicts occur when, for example, employees experience gender discrimination, work overload, forced overtime, short deadlines, and no opportunities for promotion, reward or compensation. Communication in conflict is of two kinds, according to Bacal (14): cooperative communication and conflict-provoking communication. Cooperative communication tends to avoid or settle a conflict to â€Å"put an end to it in an effective way† (Bacal 15). On the other hand, in conflict-provoking communication, more energy is spent in resisting to the â€Å"form of the communication, rather than the content† (Bacal 15). In short, it is impossible to hold good working relationship at the workplace when there is not a proper communication platform shared by all employees and the management. It is obligatory for the management to solve confl icts like power struggle, gender discrimination and other employees’ issues through effective communication, if the objective is to achieve organizational goals with good productivity and high performance. Works Cited Cahn, Dudley D., and Ruth Anna Abigail. Managing Conflict through Communication (3rd ed.).